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  • Safe to use
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  • Compatible with all devices
  1. Use the online generator or download the MARVEL Strike Force hack.
  2. Select the amount of Power Cores and Gold that you want.
  3. Press “Start” and wait until the generation process is finished.
  4. Basket in your stacks of Power Cores & Gold!
marvel strike force mysterio
The new game from Kabam, MARVEL Strike Force is out and ready to overtake its predecessors (Contest Of Champions & Future Fight) right before another block buster MARVEL movie comes out and crushes all records before it, we are talking about Avengers : Infinity War here if you haven’t caught on yet. The game requires you to unlock heroes by using resources, that is hardly achievable as Gold & Power Cores can only be gained by purchasing them, another solution would be the MARVEL Strike Hack we offer, what a coincidence am I right?

Quick start guide

  • Choose whether you want to download the Marvel Strike Force cheats or use the online generator, they both work great so there’s no need to worry.
  • Once you have made your choice select how many Power Cores and Gold you want to generate for your account.
  • Enter your username, I also recommend checking the Use Proxy and Anti Ban boxes for safety.
  • The tool will start to work its wonders, you can chill back while this is happening.
  • Once done, you will need to complete a reCaptcha verification in order to prove you are not an automatic robot, once completed the resources will safely be transferred to your account in less than five minutes.
power cores and gold proof Anyway, our Strike Force Hack wasn’t supposed to be released until Q4 of this year, but the project came together much better than we originally expected. It’s able to generate up to 100.000 Gold and 50.000 Power Cores per hour, it’s also not easily spammable, that means you won’t get banned if you use it every other minute, fantastic! marvel rocket I’d like to present some of the generator features more in depth, but first I want to lay them in front of you in a basic manner. The most basic yet complex thing it does is generating Gold and Power Cores, this is easier to explain if you know how the packets of data are accessed through the Kabam servers, it basically sends packet ID’s containing a certain amount of Gold and Power Cores to your account username. Seems easy enough right? Bear with me.

What You Can Do

  • You can generate Power Cores and Gold (as much as you want, no cooldowns, no restrictions).
  • You are protected by our NoBan system 24/7.
  • Proxies are available to use at any time of the day, our servers are up 99.9% of the time.
  • Small File Size – the generator does not take up a lot of space on your memory.
  • Free Lifetime Updates – we will continue to update the generator as long as people play the game, no need to worry about it suddenly not working one day.
  • Multiple Platform Usage – last but not least, you can use the hack whether you play MARVEL Strike Force on Android, iOS or BlueStacks even!

Android & iOS Compatibility

Before being released, the MARVEL Strike Force Hack for Android and iOS was tested numerous times on multiple devices to ensure functionality and the best user experience possible. Our priority is not only to generate limitless Gold/Power Cores, it is also to make sure the player does not come across any issues or bugs when using the hack. However, when we encounter bugs it helps us get a better understanding of the algorithm behind the game’s server and resource delivery.

This hack for Marvel Strike Force does what a hack is supposed to do, it generates resources, it helps you bypass a certain aspect of the game without a penalty. In this case, you get Gold and Power Cores delivered to your account without whipping out your precious wallet.

Why does our hack require no human verification?

The ban protection script removes all traces of using our generator, clearing cache and what not to make sure you stay safe. Last but not least, the proxy protection, just a list of basic proxies to help you blend into the crowd.

Chances are you played one of the previous games in the series, that being said you are more experienced than most new players in this game. The games before this one had a resource economy as well, you needed resources to get new heroes. Same goes for MARVEL Strike Force, you need a hack to help you get said resources (Gold and Power Cores) and you can unlock new characters for your ultimate super hero team.

Updates and future versions

It came to our attention that most players have trouble getting resources for Strike Force, that made us think about the importance of Gold and Power Cells and we came up with a cost-free generator which we are currently proudly providing to the world.

hack for marvel strike force

Looking back at previous releases, MARVEL games were always a hit, people love them, who can blame them? The games are great, fluid fighting, great performance and many characters to explore and unlock. That is, if you have 10 hours every day to grind for every single character, which is not the case for most people who just want a quick fun and fair fight with plenty of rewards backing it up. You can’t really achieve that unless you use a MARVEL Strike Force hack that requires no human verification and generate the resources yourself.

The tools we created are updated frequently and maintained in the green zone to avoid unwanted virus infections. I’m proud to announce that to date we have had 0 virus infections touch our files. That means our servers are secured and we do care about how we treat our users, at the end of the day, the experience each user has while using the generator is all that matters.